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Power Rankings: Vol. 5

Michigan State spent Saturday beating Ohio State in Columbus, the first time anyone had done that since Feb. 17, 2010. On Monday, they climbed atop the Power Rankings. Which accomplishment is more impressive? It's hard to say, so we'll call it a tie.

1. Michigan State - 1.0 (up one)

Draymond Green is back and I would bet dollars to donuts that the Spartans will not lose another game this year unless their opponents score at least 50 points.

2. Ohio State - 2.0 (down one)

A terrible shooting game drops OSU to number two, but the Buckeyes will bounce back.

3. Wisconsin - 3.2 (no change)

The Badgers have only lost one out of their last eight, and that was to Ohio State.

4. Michigan - 4.0 (no change)

Michigan hasn't been quite as hot as Wisconsin lately, but they are a solid team that still has a shot at the conference title.

5. Indiana - 4.8 (no change)

The Hoosiers took care of a struggling Illini squad in their only game this week.

6. Purdue - 6.0 (up two)

A unanimous number six for the Boilermakers, who looked good in a loss at OSU and beat Northwestern at home.

7. (tie) Northwestern - 8.2 (up 2)

Northwestern has looked better as of late, but the logjam at 5-7 in the conference standings is comprised of some very inconsistent teams.

7. (tie) Illinois - 8.2 (down 1)

Illinois has been in a bit of a freefall recently, but they still have a chance to win some games and turn their season around.

9. Minnesota - 8.3 (down 2)

Minnesota finishes just behind the Illinois teams after they ran out of gas against Wisconsin in overtime.

10. Iowa - 9.3 (down 1)

The lopsided loss at Northwestern knocks Iowa down a spot; they remain far ahead of the cellar-dwellers.

11. Penn State - 11.2 (up one)

Penn State beat Nebraska on Saturday, so they stay out of last place.

12. Nebraska - 11.8 (down one)

See above.