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Power Rankings: Vol. 3

The top and the bottom of the rankings in the same picture.
The top and the bottom of the rankings in the same picture.

I stole the idea of grouping the teams from a comment in a previous power ranking post. The numbers of this edition were well-suited to grouping. As always, the number after the team is the average ranking from each of the voters.

1. Ohio State - 1.0 (no change)
2. Michigan State - 2.0 (no change)

No question among our writers about the top two teams. OSU hasn't lost since Brandon Paul had a career night and MSU rebounded this week after losing two in a row on the road.

3. Michigan - 3.4 (no change)
4. Wisconsin - 3.6 (up 2)

The Wolerines lost to Ohio St. on the road; there's no shame in that. Wisconsin is starting to play like a normal Wisconsin team: slow and with more points at the end of the game than the other team.

5. Purdue - 5.8 (up 2)
6. Minnesota - 6.2 (up 2)
7. Indiana - 6.8 (down 3)
8. Illinois - 7.2 (down 4)

The logjam at the middle is hard to figure. Not sure that Purdue deserves the top spot in this group, but arguments can be made against all four of these teams. Indiana's offensive explosion against Iowa on Sunday wasn't enough to jump Minnesota, who beat Illinois after the Illini refused to close it out in The Barn.

9. Nebraska - 9.4 (up 3)
10. Iowa - 9.6 (down one)

Nebraska beat Iowa in Iowa City, so they get the top spot in this group.

11. Northwestern - 11.4 (down one)
12. Penn St. - 11.6 (down one)

Northwestern has fallen off since beating MSU at home. Injuries added to their already thin bench has really hurt them this season. Penn St. continues their rebuilding year under Pat Chambers.