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BT Powerhouse Slam Dunk Contest: Choose Trevor Mbakwe's Final Round Dunk

The deadline for first round voting for the dunk contest is this Friday. Please vote on Group A, B, C and D so that the best dunks move onto the next round.

In the final and wildcard rounds, each player will be judged on only one dunk. A few of the contestants in the first round have multiple dunks, and we will run a few polls to determine which dunk will be judged in the final and wildcard rounds.

The next dunker is Trevor Mbakwe. He is currently trailing E'Twaun Moore in Group C, but it looks like he will advance to the wildcard round as the Group Runner-Up. All of Mbakwe's dunks are in one video, so take a look and vote for his best dunk.

There are a ton of dunks in this video, but I have narrowed it down in the poll to four. I think his best dunk is one of these, but if there are enough other votes and comments about a different dunk in the video, I'll be glad to use that one.

Fast forward to 1:43, 1:53, 2:09 and 3:45.