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BT Powerhouse Slam Dunk Contest: Group D

It's time for the final group of dunks. Groups A, B and C are still open for voting. Just go to the main page to find them.

Let's start with a quick recap of the rules. This contest is for the best single dunk, not the player with the most good dunks. While some players may have multiple videos (or multiple dunks in the same video), we are looking for the best single dunk. The winner of this group will advance to the final round, and the runner-up will face off against the runner-ups from the other groups for the last spot in the final round.

Click on to watch the dunks and vote.

William Buford - Ohio State

Dunk is at 0:14

JaJuan Johnson - Purdue

Best dunks are at 7:53 8:32 8:36

Jon Leuer - Wisconsin

Dunk is at 0:37

Brandon Paul - Illinois

Tom Pritchard - Indiana

Remember: Vote for the player who had the best single dunk, not necessarily the player with the most good dunks.