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BT Powerhouse Slam Dunk Contest: Group C

Today we have Group C, which is the third group out of four in the preliminary round. Group D will be up for voting on Friday morning. Group A and B voting is still open; scroll down on the main page to find these posts and vote for your favorite.


There are four groups of dunkers, with five players in each group. The top vote getter in each round will automatically move on to the final round. The runners-up from each group will face off against each other for one last spot in the final round.

In this contest, we are looking for the best dunk. Some of the candidates have either multiple dunks in one video or multiple videos, but don't vote for them only because they have a lot of good dunks. The player who has the best single dunk should get your vote. We will narrow down players with multiple dunks only if they make it to the final round.

It's not as complicated as the rules suggest. Just click on and vote for the best dunk.

Mike Davis - Illinois

Trevor Mbakwe - Minnesota

Best dunks are at 0:48 2:13 2:29 2:48

E'Twaun Moore - Purdue

Victor Oladipo - Indiana

JD Weatherspoon - Ohio State

Remember: Vote for the player who had the best single dunk, not necessarily the player with the most good dunks.