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BT Powerhouse Slam Dunk Contest: Group B

It's time to check out the next group of dunks in the contest. To vote on Group A, go here (or scroll down at the main page). Let's recap the way the contest works, and then get on with the dunking.

There are four groups of between four and five players each. The top vote getter in each round will automatically move on to the final round. The runners-up from each group will face off against each other for one last spot in the final round. There are also rules pertaining to players who have multiple videos or multiple dunks in one video, but there aren't any of those in this group.

We will have the final two groups up on Wednesday and Friday. The voting will be open on all groups until the end of the day on Friday, July 29.

Click on to see the dunks and vote for your favorite.

Will Sheehey - Indiana

Ryan Evans - Wisconsin

Stu Douglass - Michigan

Jeff Brooks - Penn State

Dunk starts at around 0:20

D.J. Richardson - Illinois