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BT Powerhouse Slam Dunk Contest: Group A

The nominations are in, and it is finally time to start the BT Powerhouse Slam Dunk Contest. There will be four groups of between four and five players each. The top vote getter in each round will automatically move on to the final round. The runners-up from each group will face off against each other for one last spot in the final round.

In this contest we are voting for the best dunk, not the player who had the most good dunks. Since some of the players below had multiple worthy dunks (or had videos with multiple dunks in them), we are voting for the player who had the best dunk and not the specific dunk. If the winner of the final round has multiple dunks, then we will run a poll to determine which dunk was the best.

We'll have a new group to vote on every couple of days, so check back often.

Click onward to see the dunks and vote for your favorite.

Kelsey Barlow - Purdue

Jared Sullinger - Ohio State

Rodney Williams - Minnesota

Tim Hardaway Jr. - Michigan

Keaton Nankivil - Wisconsin

Remember: Vote for the player who had the best single dunk, not necessarily the player with the most good dunks.