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The Journey Recap: Ohio State Seniors

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The Big Ten Network is rolling out a few new episodes of The Journey this week. Since it is Ohio State week, it seemed like a good idea to watch and recap Tuesday night's episode concentrating on David Lighty, Jon Diebler and Dallas Lauderdale.

If you want to watch the episode before you read about it (or instead of reading about it), BTN will air it many more times. It will also probably be available on hulu eventually. All of the regular season episodes from this year are available here. The next showing of this episode is Thursday morning at 6:30 CT. Set your alarm clocks or DVRs accordingly.

We'll start the recap after the jump.

The episode opens up in standard Journey fashion: swelling music, slow motion and close-ups.

After the opening, Dallas Lauderdale talks about playing at the Portsmouth Invitational. Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak talks about what scouts and GMs are looking for from the players. Lauderdale backs a guy down in the post and scores easily when the defender falls to the ground. Kupchak tells us that none of these players will be first round picks, but there are 30 spots in the second round.

In the second segment of the episode, which you can watch here, Jon Diebler works out with his brother Jake in Valparaiso, Indiana. Jake played for Valpo and was their defensive stopper. The elder Diebler is now Director of Basketball Operations for the Crusaders. Jon says that defense is the "one area that I need to improve". Jake runs Jon through some defensive drills, many of which are in slow motion.

They show a clip of Jake Dielber wearing a Bill Laimbeer mask and a black headband. Purdue's Bobby Riddell is slow to close out and Jake hits a three in Mackey Arena. Purdue ended up winning the December 28, 2008 game 59-45, but Jake managed a respectable 13 points.

The next segment is at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago. Diebler admits that he wasn't originally invited, and attended because some people dropped out. Lighty and Diebler were roommates at the Combine. The music becomes louder as Lauderdale and Diebler talk about Lighty.

Lighty talks about being a member of the Mike Conley and Greg Oden recruiting class. Lighty's mother talks about how beloved he is in Cleveland. Lighty's grandmother cooks for the team and she talks about feeding previous players, including "Oden, Conley, Cook, Koufas, all of them". David Lightly, Sr. won't miss driving down I-71 to Columbus. They show a clip from Senior Night. NBA Reporter David Aldridge talks about Lighty's ability to defend and how that will help him find a spot in the NBA.

Commercial break: BTN informs us that Purdue day is this Thursday.

Back to David Aldridge: "If Jason Kapono can play in this league and be a rotation guy in this league for a long time, I don't see why Jon Diebler can't."

Diebler talks about Lauderdale and how he accepted his role on the team this year. The next segment about Lauderdale was shown in Episode 4 this year. Lauderdale talks while driving a car and the audio is poorly recorded. The sound has to be turned up a lot to hear what Lauderdale is saying and the background noise is very loud. Moments like that stand out in this series because the rest of the show is such a slick production.

Lauderdale then watches the clip of Aaron Craft, Diebler and Jared Sullinger singing "Party in the USA". Then Lauderdale sings the Jackson 5 song "ABC", and he is pretty good. They show a 12-year-old Dallas singing at church. Dallas' father then comes through with this classic quote: "If you were by yourself in an alley, he's the one guy that you probably want to show up because he'd take his shirt off his back to try and help you." That brings to mind some odd images.

Jon Deibler and his short, but very attractive former cheerleader and current fiance Caitlin Deardorff make pasta salad, which they make with Kraft Light Zesty Italian dressing. Diebler gives Lauderdale a lot of credit for the start of their relationship, and says Lauderdale will sing at the wedding. Some excellent editing here: Diebler says, "I should probably give a shoutout to Dallas" and then a cut to Lauderdale dunking and an announcer saying, "Lauderdale again!"

Dielber and Caitlin talk about their proposal on the night of the soon to be vacated Ohio State football victory over Michigan. Not suprisingly, Caitlin is taking control on the wedding plans.

Commercial break: Tom Brokaw narrates an Iowa commercial, which makes me think of the Dana Carvey bit where Brokaw has to narrate all possible ways for Gerald Ford to die. You can check it out here if you're so inclined.

Jon Diebler lifts some weights while brother Jake counts for him. Jon talks about how much weight he has gained since coming to OSU. Diebler talks about wanting to win the Big Ten Tournament and they show some Journey-fied clips from the title game between OSU and Penn State. These clips are always well done, and this one is no exception. After some highlights, Ohio State celebrates a BTT title. The BTT segment was previously shown in Episode 10.

Commercial break: A commercial for Indiana University-Bloomington (as opposed to IU-Kokomo) with some sweeping music, followed by a Minnesota professor with a foreign accent talking in a wheat field while a combine in the field is harvesting wheat. That doesn't seem very safe.

The seniors talk about the disappointment of losing to Kentucky in the Sweet Sixteen round of the NCAA Tournament. I still don't quite understand how the number one overall seed in the tournament had to play the best four seed. Dielber clutches his shorts in disappointment on the court, while Brutus the Buckeye shakes his head in disbelief in the background.

The seniors offer their final thoughts. Diebler: "I think people really enjoyed watching us play." Lauderdale: "It was definitely a family-type atmosphere in the locker room."

The three seniors are shown on Senior Night, with these subtitles:

"David Lighty was not selected in the 2011 NBA Draft."

"Dallas Lauderdale was not selected in the 2011 NBA Draft."

"Jon Diebler was selected by the Portland Trail Blazers with the 51st pick in the 2011 NBA week after marrying Caitlin Deardorff in Ohio."

"David, Dallas and Jon all graduated with degrees from Ohio State University."