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Linkers gonna link: Purdue Edition

Brian Cardinal, NBA Champion
Brian Cardinal, NBA Champion

It's time to Boiler Up on some links. The first place you should stop for Purdue news is Hammer and Rails, which is the SBnation Purdue blog run by the always optimistic TMill.

Featured Link (or Linc?) of the week:

Linc Darner -  Florida Southern College Basketball Coach
Florida Southern College's official athletic web site. Find out what former Purdue player Linc Darner has been up to.

Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " Brian Cardinal on Miami Making Fun of Dirk: "It was kind of bogus"
SRI transcribes a post-Finals interview with NBA-champion and former Boilermaker Brian Cardinal.

Purdue ICONS #14: JaJuan Johnson - Hammer and Rails
H & R profiles JJ for their ICON series.

Osipoff: Painter likes Boilers’ prospects - Post-Tribune
Michael Osipoff talks with Matt Painter about JJ and E'Twaun's NBA prospects. There is also a weird, full-profile picture of the writer for some reason next to the story.

PACERS: E’Twaun Moore - Draft Prospect Profile
Video interview with E'Twaun after working out for the Pacers, along with some bio info.

Hummel eager for final season, feeling no pain -
Jeff Goodman talks with Hummel earlier this month about his progress.

Purdue Official Athletic Site - Blog
A good roundup of links from the Men's Basketball Blog at the official site.

College sports: Talking truth, integrity -
Purdue AD and Matt Painter talked about the Ohio State scandal at a recent alumni event.

Purdue ICONS #16: Ward "Piggy" Lambert - Hammer and Rails
Purdue's legendary Ward "Piggy" Lambert still ranks as one of the most successful coaches in Big Ten history. 

Purdue ICONS #20: Brian Cardinal - Hammer and Rails
Citizen Pain is enjoying a front row seat for the NBA playoffs, and making a cool million to do so. This was obviously written before he started playing significant minutes in the NBA Finals.