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Big Ten Basketball Advice For Nebraska

This Big Ten basketball offseason is one of the most exciting in recent memory. With the addition of Nebraska, it is fun to think of all the scenarios that are possible next year, especially with an expected down-year for the Big Ten, with all the senior graduates. With the addition of Nebraska, SB Nation's Illinois blog, Hail to the Orange, Purdue Blog, Hammer and Rails, Michigan State blog, The Only Colors, Ohio State blog, Along the Olentangy and Minnesota blog, The Daily Gopher, have some advice to give the Nebraska Cornhuskers as they enter our historical basketball conference.

Advice from Illinois:

Dear Nebraska,
As an Illinois fan, I am sure that any potential meetings between our two teams in football over the next decade will result in a loss for my Illini, so please be kind enough to return the favor and roll over in basketball.
But if you must field a competitive basketball team, here are some pointers.
1. When you head to Wisconsin, you might think the Badgers are playing a joke on you, they're not, they really do play basketball that slowly. Don't worry, you will still lose, we all do.
2. It will take you about until the third time hearing it to hate Hail To The Victors.
3. You might be confused as to why Indiana is still so bad, I don't have an answer for you, no one does. We are all just as confused as you.
4. You are probably going to hate Bruce Weber, a lot of opponents fans do, but if you ever happen to have Weber and Ed Hightower in the building at the same time, you will be in for plenty of entertainment.
5. You should probably start to think about what your themed potato should be.
6. You might be relieved about not having to play Kansas and Texas anymore, I am sorry to inform you that you will instead have to play MSU and OSU now. Thems the breaks.
7. Iowa is not to be trusted.

Other than that, welcome to the Big Ten.

(Joe Kutsunis , Hail to the Orange)

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Advice from Purdue:

My basketball advice for Nebraska is to come out and establish dominance over Northwestern and Penn state right away. I know you have never won an NCAA Tournament game, but you can't afford to become a whipping boy for Northwestern when they have never made it. Penn State is always a feat or famine type of team, and they are the newest kid on the block other than you. If you want success you'll also make sure Indiana, Iowa, and Minnesota don't come from behind you as well.

(Travis Miller , Hammer and Rails)

Advice from Michigan State:

Dear Nebraska, here are three pieces of advice that will help you find success in the Big Ten --

1. Score more than the other team, preferably before the second half ends.

2. Everyone hates every referee ever.

3. When playing in Madison, remember to bring plenty of AB-, but Bo Ryan will settle for AB+.

(Pete Rossman , The Only Colors)

Advice from Ohio State:

Dear Nebraska,

Get better.


Along the Olentangy.

(Tyler Thomas , Along the Olentangy)

Advice from Minnesota:

Dear Nebraska...

Can you please abstain from the Big 10 / ACC Challenge? We have a hard enough time winning that thing.

(Tom , The Daily Gopher)