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Is Tom Crean On The Hot Seat?

There has been a lot of talk and speculation about whether Tom Crean is or will be on the hot seat next year if the Hoosiers don't see major improvement. From this, we have decided to throw a few of links at you and let you form your own opinion.. no need to speculate more. He has a solid recruiting class coming in... it seems it is time to produce.


Ken Davis argues that Crean will lead IU back to national prominence, but it will take a while.

Jason King talks about IU's struggles and the hope that a lot of fans are placing in Cody Zeller.

Sterling has trouble understanding the fans arguing for a coaching change.

According to this article, IU needs to make a big leap next year.

Brad Wells writes that Crean should already be out of a job, based on his record so far.

The Crimson Quarry files a rebuttal to the previous link.