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BT Powerhouse Season in Review Starts This Week

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College basketball season is over, and it's a long wait until the season starts up again in November. BT Powerhouse is going to use this time to take a look back at last season and a look forward to next year. We will start by taking a long, hard look at the season that was.

Starting this week, we will spend a week on each Big Ten school. The week will be filled with statistical recaps, blogger interviews and whatever else we dig up for each team. We are going to start at the bottom of the conference standings and work our way up.

We will start on Tuesday with Indiana week. If you have any ideas for interesting posts or relevant links, please post them in the comments, or better yet, make a FanPost or FanShot. 

For a schedule of the upcoming weeks, hit the jump

BT Powerhouse Season in Review Schedule

Indiana:  April 4

Iowa:  April 11

Minnesota:  April 18

Northwestern:  April 25

Nebraska:  May 2

Penn State:  May 9

Michigan State:  May 16

Michigan:  May 23

Illinois:  May 30

Wisconsin:  June 6 

Purdue:  June 13

Ohio State:  June 20