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BT Powerhouse Top 25: Week 14

Analysis after the jump

Big Ten Ranked Teams:


#1 Ohio State (24-0) :  Ohio State remains number one. The only undefeated team in division one men's basketball. They deserve to be there. They don't face anyone until Saturday when they will travel to the Kohl Center to take on Wisconsin in a pivotal matchup for the conference. They have some time to prepare. It is sure to be the game of the week in the Big Ten.

#12 Purdue (18-5) : Purdue only had one game last week, which was at Wisconsin. No surprise, they lost. It is tough to win at the Kohl Center, but Purdue had a chance to win it in the final minute. Purdue continues to drop close games on the road. They have dropped three spots with that loss. This week they face Indiana tomorrow at home, in a rivalry game. It will be interesting to see how IU does at Mackey Arena, they have found success with ranked opponents as of late. Purdue also faces Illinois on Sunday. That game will be key for the Boilermakers as they need to get a victory there if they want to help their case for a three seed.

#13 Wisconsin (17-5) : Wisconsin had Purdue and Michigan State at home last week. Both of those were wins. They move up three spots this week. Wisconsin plays at Iowa on Wednesday. They need to take care of business there before going welcoming Ohio State into the hostile Kohl Center. If Wisconsin can take down the number one team in the country, they are making a strong case for a three seed. It could be a close battle between Wisconsin and Purdue for a three seed in the NCAA Tournament. 


Big Ten Drop Outs:

Minnesota (16-7) and Illinois (15-8) :  Big Ten!? What is happening to you!? Minnesota and Illinois have dropped out of the ranking this week. These teams just aren't playing like ranked teams right now. Minnesota has now lost three straight to Purdue, Indiana and Ohio State. Illinois has lost five of their last seven. These two teams need to get it figured out before they are in jeopardy of missing the tournament, like Michigan State. A matchup between the two is scheduled for Thursday at Minnesota. It is a big game for both squads, as both schools need a win. 


If you have any questions about why I put the non-Big Ten teams where I put them in the BT Powerhouse Top 25, feel free to leave your questions in the comments.