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BT Powerhouse Top 25: Week 16

Analysis after the jump

Big Ten Ranked Teams:


#3 Ohio State (25-2) : Ohio State beat Michigan State at home before traveling to Purdue and falling by 13 points. They dropped from #1 to #3. With the top four teams falling this week, it was tough to pick a number one.. but I guess it goes to Duke. Ohio State, I think OSU may still be the best team, but after losing they deserve the three spot. They have Illinois and Indiana at home this week. With Purdue only one game back of them they need to be careful. They only have today to prepare for Illinois, as they face them tomorrow, after having their last game yesterday. 

#8 Purdue (22-5) : Purdue moves up from the #11 spot this week after having a monster week. They beat top ten teams, Wisconsin and Ohio State. They beat both of them pretty handily, Wisconsin by eight and Ohio State by 13. They seem poised to finish their schedule out and make a run at a two seed. This week they have to travel to rival Indiana in what is sure to be an intense game, as rivalries always are. Then they travel to East Lansing to take on Michigan State. They won both of these games at home earlier this year, it is sure to be more difficult on the road. 

#12 Wisconsin (20-6) : Wisconsin got beat by Purdue on the road this week before winning at home against Penn State. They drop three spots to #12. This week they face Michigan on the road and Northwestern at home. Both need to be wins to try to keep pushing for that three seed in the NCAA Tournament. They have already beat Michigan and Northwestern, but beating Michigan on the road is becoming more difficult these days. 

If you have any questions about why I put the non-Big Ten teams where I put them in the BT Powerhouse Top 25, feel free to leave your questions in the comments.