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Bracketology: Penn State Back On Bubble

ESPN's Bracketology is new and with it Penn State regains its bubble position. Penn State will make their push for the NCAA Tournament as they face Wisconsin, Ohio State and Minnesota yet. Win those and they are in. Michigan State, Illinois and Minnesota saw their seeds slip from Monday's bracket. 


Teams projected to be in the tournament:

Ohio State: Projected 1 Seed: Ohio State remains on top of the conference. With only one loss, they are projected as the overall number one, one seed in the tournament. If Ohio State doesn't get to the Final Four this year, I will be shocked. They have so many scoring weapons, that when the tournament roles around they will be tougher to beat then they are now. I don't think that this team will be like last year's Kansas and be upset by a team like Northern Iowa. I do think they will play their way to the Final Four. Right now, the bracket has them facing 16 seed Texas State or Hampton, depending on which team wins in the First Four. The number two seed in their region is Duke, the number three seed is Connecticut. I think whoever they face, Ohio State can beat them. 

(More teams after the jump)

Purdue: Projected 3 Seed: Purdue is poised to make a push for a two seed. After beating Illinois on the road, they downed Wisconsin at home and next they face Ohio State at home. If they win the Ohio State game, they could make a serious case for a two seed if they keep the momentum rolling into coming games. Purdue is sitting in a very winnable place right now in the projected bracket. If they end up hear they could potentially reach the Elite Eight to face the number one seed, which is Texas. It might be interesting to see Purdue play St. John's in the third round, with Purdue legend Gene Keady there now. The two seed in Purdue's region is Notre Dame. That game would be very winnable for the Boilermakers to get to the Elite Eight. It's a rivalry, so throw the statistics out the window, anything is possible. 

Wisconsin: Projected 3 Seed: Wisconsin beat Ohio State which probably, pending a total collapse, locked them into a three seed. I see Wisconsin getting a three seed come tournament time. They still have a matchup at Ohio State to prove further to the committee why they deserve a three or a two. In their first game of the tournament they would face Bucknell, an easy win. Wisconsin is poised for an Elite Eight run. They would only need to get through, more than likely, Texas A&M to get the Sweet 16 before facing two seeded San Diego State to get to the Elite Eight. This of course is assuming there is no upsets.. which we all know there will be upsets.

Illinois: Projected 8 Seed: Illinois's seed slipped from a seven to an eight. With only a two point win over Michigan, I guess Lunardi decided they didn't deserve a seven. Right now, it is between a seven and an eight to me. Illinois has some work to do. In the projected bracket they would be facing Old Dominion first and if they win that, it would probably be one seeded Pittsburgh. Tough break for the Illini. 

Minnesota: Projected 11 Seed: Minnesota went from a 10 to 11. They still have some work to do like Illinois. They would face Tennessee in their first game. That is winnable. Tennessee has been upset many times this year. If they beat Tennessee they would likely face Georgetown. That game would be a tough one for the Golden Gophers.

Michigan State: Projected 12 Seed: Michigan State is in the new First Four games right now. They are projected to play Boston College. Michigan State doesn't have the easiest schedule left, hosting Illinois, Purdue and Iowa and playing on the road at Minnesota and rival Michigan. They need to protect their home court, and steal one on the road to get off the bubble. It won't be easy, Illinois is desperate for wins and Purdue is playing possibly the best it has played all year right now. Minnesota will be desperate for wins, and will be looking to protect their home court, as they want to stay off the bubble. Iowa and Michigan are playing really well right now also. 


 Teams on the bubble:

Last Four In: Michigan State

First Four Out: NONE

Next Four Out: Penn State