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Purdue at Illinois: Boilers Steamroll Illini In The Second Half To Pull Away, 81-70

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At the half on Sunday, it looked like the Illini were in control and set to win, as the Boilers struggled shooting. Purdue only shot 26% in the first half, yet Illinois only lead by five, and Purdue still had a chance to break it's road losing streak and get its first win after being down at the half, previously this year, they were 0-5 when down at the half.

The second half was much different, Purdue came out hot and ready to play, they scored 54 points in the second half. Illinois was out-rebounded 28-9 in the second half by Purdue. Yes, a Purdue team without Robbie Hummel out-rebounded a team on the road 28-9 in one half. Purdue also did their work on the offensive boards, out-rebounding Illinois 11-4. 

Purdue won this game by rebounding in the second half, they got a lot of shot opportunities. It is almost as if Illinois and Purdue swapped places after the half. 

This was an impressive game by Purdue, especially in the scoring column. A lot of players contributed for them. JaJuan Johnson lead with 24. E'Twaun Moore wasn't too far behind with 20. Other players that stepped up for Purdue were Lewis Jackson with 10 points, Ryne Smith with eight points, Kelsey Barlow with nine points and Terone Johnson with seven.

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To me, Lewis Jackson is Purdue's so-called "third scorer" that the media keeps saying they need. Other players can be that player too. So to me, the whole "third scorer" idea by the media is nuts. This game proves that other players contribute enough that they combine for a third or occasionally more than a third scorer would. 

Illinois scoring was lead by Brandon Paul, who came off the bench with 23 points. D.J Richardson had 13 and Mike Davis had 16.

Demetri McCamey was almost non existent in this game, excluding the fact that he five steals and four assists. In the scoring column, he only had four. That isn't acceptable for a senior starter. His team needed him desperately in this game. 

Overall, great win for Purdue, nice road win. For Illinois, not so great. They are getting closer and closer to being pushed on the bubble and the question remains if Bruce Weber's job is in trouble? 

This week Purdue has a huge week. The Boilers play Wisconsin and Ohio State at home, if they can get those wins, they will be in great shape.

Illinois faces Michigan at home and Michigan State on the road. Illinois needs both of those wins at this point.