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Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Michigan State University

Magic Johnson is a man who has been looked up to by many for his basketball. He grew up in Lansing, Michigan and went to Michigan State, his hometown team. In his second year at Michigan State, he helped lead his team to the national championship game against Indiana State and star Larry Bird. It holds its place today as the most watched college basketball game ever. The Spartans won, 75-64.

After that season he declared for the NBA Draft and was selected by the Los Angeles Lakers. While with the Lakers, Magic helped lead the team to five NBA Championships. After his latest NBA Championship in 1991, Magic went in for his routine physical and that is when shocking news hit him. He tested positive for HIV. Immediately, it was decided Magic would retire and his NBA career would have to be cut short. In his retirement press conference Magic said he was dedicating his life to fighting the disease and today, that promise of dedication remains true.

Magic Johnson launched a campaign to talk about and educate people about AIDS. AIDS was widely considered a disease that only affected certain groups of people. Magic made people see a light. AIDS can affect anyone. Its a fact. He showed people that HIV is not a death sentence and has helped fight discrimination against people with HIV and AIDS. Magic has also went to congress to help get funding for the fight against HIV and AIDS. He remains a huge activist today for the disease. Perhaps the widest known activist for the disease.

Johnson has created his own foundation, The Magic Johnson Foundation, to not only raise HIV/AIDS awareness, but to help communities that are in need. It is a non-profit organization. If you are interested in donating to the foundation visit the link above.

There is no doubt that Magic is a true champion, on and off the court.

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