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Minnesota Vs. Ohio State: Buckeyes Look To Remain Undefeated

TIME / TV :: 2:00 PM ET on Big Ten Network

When second ranked Ohio State takes on 21st-ranked Minnesota at home today, they will be looking to go to 16-0 on the season and 3-0 in the Big Ten.

Minnesota is coming off their first Big Ten win of the season against Indiana and looks to continue to progress. Minnesota will have a rough time after Devoe Joseph decided to transfer. He averaged 11 points per game, in the games he did play this season.

All teams in the Big Ten, excluding Ohio State will be rooting for Minnesota when this matchup tips off.

Ohio State must improve their defense in this game. Coach Matta is not impressed with the defense, according to ESPN. I would have to agree with that. If Ohio State plays defense like they did against Iowa, I could see Minnesota upsetting the Buckeyes at home.

This is the Buckeye's first Big Ten home game after winning their first two Big Ten games, on the road, for the first time in school history.

Ohio State is lead by five double digit average scorers. While Minnesota is lead by three double digit average scorers.

Minnesota ranks 17th nationwide in rebounds with 40.9 rebounds per game. Ohio State ranks 81st in the same category with 37.8 rebounds.

Out-rebounding Ohio State will be key if Minnesota wants to come out on top.

Keys to the game after the jump.

When Minnesota Has The Ball

  • Test the Ohio State defense, move the ball, pound the lane, get offensive rebounds. But all those things are given, if you want to beat Ohio State.
  • Scorers need to step up for Minnesota with the loss of the Joseph. Prove you are still capable of contending for the title. They get more players to step up and get involved or they could be in for a long night.

When Ohio State Has The Ball

  • Know Minnesota's weaknesses and use it toward your advantage. Push the tempo and get Minnesota out of their comfort zone.
  • Let your defensive efforts come through for you on the offensive end. Convert Minnesota mistakes into points. If you get an offensive rebounds, convert them into easy points.


Ohio State has the advantage in this game. They can win it easily. But if their defensive efforts don't come through, they could find themselves with their first loss of the season. It will be interesting to see the Ohio State defense and how Matta has modified it for this matchup.