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Bracketology: Big Ten Sees Seeds Slip

The new ESPN Bracketology is in! Some Big Ten schools are seeing their seeds slip. Other Big Ten schools are holding steady with their seeding. It will be important come March for the Big Ten to have the best seeds possible. If the Big Ten is going to perform well in the NCAA Tournament it will be key to have higher seeds. It will put off playing the more powerful teams longer. The Big Ten will be looking for it's first national championship in basketball, men's or women's since 2000. They have a good chance to do it. In 2000, Michigan State won the national championship for the men's side. The MSU national championship was the Big Ten's 10th national championship in men's basketball. In1999, the first and only women's basketball national championship was won by Purdue.

Teams projected to be in the tournament:

Ohio State: Projected 1 Seed: Ohio State is a projected one seed, has been and probably won't move off one of the top lines. At this point, I think they have enough quality wins to get a #1 seed, even if they drop one or two games. There really isn't too much to say about Ohio State this week. They have an 85% chance of getting a #1 seed according to ESPN. Unless they go downhill drastically in the last stretch of their schedule.

(More teams after the jump)

Purdue: Projected 4 Seed: Purdue was moved from a three seed to a four seed this week, with their loss to Ohio State. I completely think Joe Lunardi got it wrong on this one. I do not understand how he can put a team ranked in the top 10 and a team who has an RPI of 9 at a four seed. They definitely deserve a three seed looking at their body of work, at this point. I am not sure how the teams who have a number three seed, got one if the Boilers don't have one.. they deserve to be right there with them.

Wisconsin: Projected 5 Seed: Wisconsin retains their five seed even with a loss to Penn State last week, which goes back to my first argument about Purdue. You fall a seed losing to the number one team in the country but not an unranked team? Anyway, I do think Wisconsin deserves a five seed if not a four seed. They have some big games this week that will tell us more about their seed projection.

Illinois: Projected 6 Seed: Illinois has fallen a seed, from a five to a six. I think the Illini will end up getting a five if they turn it around, but as of how they have played so far, a six sounds about right. Illinois needs some redemption wins after losing to Indiana. They play a Penn State team at home this week that has beat them before. They need to beat them for redemption win one. After that you still have to play Purdue twice those games could be key for the Illini.

Minnesota: Projected 6 Seed: Minnesota retains its six seed this week. I think that sounds about right for the Golden Gophers. They should end up with a six seed in March. Minnesota has some questions surrounding their team right now that could effect how far they go in March. If they can get somethings figured out, they have the potential to be dangerous when the madness begin.

Michigan State: Projected 8 Seed: Michigan State is slipping. They were a six seed now they are an eight seed. Michigan State will probably find itself sliding again after this week, as they will probably lose at Wisconsin. Tom Izzo is having the hardest time coaching this team this year. It isn't his fault either. This will probably go down as Izzo's toughest coaching year.

Teams on the bubble:

Last Four In: NONE

First Four Out: Penn State - Penn State has moved from the NEXT FOUR OUT to the FIRST FOUR OUT this week with their win over then-15th ranked Wisconsin. To me, Penn State can make the tournament, but they have to get a signature road win, which is possible tomorrow at Illinois, they have to defend their home court by winning all their remaining home games, except maybe Ohio State, and lastly they need to take care of business on the road at places like Northwestern. Finish strong and you in Penn State. If they make it, they could be a very dangerous team in the NCAA Tournament.

Next Four Out: NONE