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BT Powerhouse Top 25: Week 12

Analysis after the jump

Big Ten Ranked Teams:


#1 Ohio State (20-0) : Ohio State has a challenging game tomorrow. They overcame the challenge last week at Illinois. They still remain unbeaten. They deserve to be number one as of now. They are the only team from a major conference to still remain undefeated. Right now, the Buckeyes have a huge target on their back. Every Big Ten team wants to beat them. 

#12 Purdue (17-3) : Purdue bounced back this week with two wins. One over Penn State and another over Michigan State. They face OSU tomorrow in a huge conference game. They moved up one spot from 13. Which sounds about right. Purdue belongs anywhere from 8-13. 12 sounds about right given the Boilermakers recent games. If they beat Ohio State, they are a top ten team, for sure. 

#14 Wisconsin (15-4) : Wisconsin moves up from 17 to 14 this week. Wisconsin is on fire right now, and looks like a deadly opponent. They scorched the nets at Northwestern and played excellent defense. They are a serious contender for a deep NCAA Tournament run if they keep playing at the level they are right now.

#18 Minnesota (14-4) : Minnesota has now lost Al Nolen, that hasn't played into their ranking for me yet. Until I see how they play without him, I am just going to keep them at 18 for now. They face Northwestern and a Purdue team that they have already beaten. 

#21 Illinois (14-6) : Illinois fell to Ohio State this week, knocking them back two spots. They play Indiana and a pesky Penn State team this week. Both of those games are must wins both for seeding in the NCAA Tournament and Big Ten title hopes. 

If you have any questions about why I put the non-Big Ten teams where I put them in the BT Powerhouse Top 25, feel free to leave your questions in the comments.