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Michigan State Vs. Illinois: Illini Look For Fresh Start At Home

TIME / TV: 7:00PM ET on ESPN

After two tough losses last week to Penn State and Wisconsin, Illinois looks to start fresh at home as they take on Michigan State.

Illinois needs this win to boost both confidence and to help their spot in the Big Ten standings. Michigan State needs this win to stay on the track they laid with two overtime victories last week. 

Illinois is lead by Demetri McCamey with 16 points per game, McCamey also has seven assists per game. They are lead by Mike Tisdale in rebounding, with seven rebounds per game.

Michigan State, who has a tough week ahead of them playing here, then at Purdue on Saturday, is lead by Kalin Lucas with 14 points per game. In rebounds they are lead by Draymond Green with eight rebounds per game. Korie Lucious leads them with four assists per game.

Illinois is currently 3-2 in the Big Ten. The Spartans are 4-1. An Illinois win today could knock the Spartans into a tie for third and put Purdue alone in second. 

Illinois has had stretches of shooting woes lately while Michigan State is dealing with a chemistry issue. Both teams have been derailed a little bit and they are not gelling right now.

Both teams have more potential and can do a lot more than what they are showing us right now. This should be an interesting matchup.

Overall, I think Illinois wins it. They are coming off two losses and they return home. The crowd will be fired up for the game and Michigan State has just barely sqeeked by with two wins against Wisconsin and Northwestern at home. 

Michigan State will give them a run for their money, but I see Illinois pulling it out, unless Michigan State can get all their offensive weapons firing.