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Big Ten Standings Update: 1/14/2011

Big Ten Conference Standings

(updated 1.14.2011 at 1:23 AM CST)

Analysis after the jump

  • Ohio State leads the Big Ten, in sole possession of first place. They play upset minded Penn State at home tomorrow. Not far behind is Purdue, Illinois and Michigan State. Ohio State will fall at some point. No one will go undefeated in the Big Ten. If Purdue, Illinois and Michigan State need to keep winning to have a chance to overtake Ohio State. It should be a very interesting race down the stretch. Purdue doesn't have another conference game this week. Instead they go to West Virginia to take on the Mountaineers. Illinois takes on Wisconsin on the road tomorrow. A game Illinois needs to win to stay at the top of the conference. Michigan State, who has struggled as of late, takes on Northwestern tomorrow at home. It shouldn't be that hard for MSU to get a win at home against a identity struggling Wildcat team. Anyway you look at it, It is bound to be an interesting race.
  • Penn State and Wisconsin are tied with two losses each at 3-2. Both of these teams are still in contention, as of now. Penn State has surprised everyone by getting two upsets in a row on their home floor. That is what has kept them in contention. We will see what they are made of when they face Ohio State on the road tomorrow to try to pull off their third straight upset. Wisconsin faces Illinois at home, both Wisconsin and Illinois will be pulling for that game. Wisconsin really needs it to try to even out the top of the conference, so they can catch up.
  • Minnesota, Northwestern and Michigan all had rough starts and all have three losses. Minnesota just got a much need upset over Purdue at home. They face Iowa at home on Sunday. Northwestern will look for an upset at Michigan State tomorrow. Michigan will go to Indiana tomorrow. All these games matter to all these teams if they want to keep pace with the top of the conference.
  • Indiana and Iowa are struggling, as expected. Both have yet to get a win in conference play. They are both the major rebuilding teams in the Big Ten, so it isn't too out of the ordinary, they will both get a win at some time , I think.