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Cornhusker Watch: Nebraska Stands At 13-2 Midway Through The Season

With the addition of the Nebraska Cornhuskers to the Big Ten Conference in July, Nebraska will be looking for a fresh start. The Cornhuskers haven't done too bad to start off their season. This being their last season in the Big 12, I am looking for a strong performance from Nebraska to show us why they can fit in, not only in Big Ten football, but in Big Ten basketball as well. It is bound to be a more daunting task to fit into Big Ten basketball, as opposed to football, seeing how they are a football powerhouse.

Nebraska's current record is 13-2 at the midpoint of the college basketball season. Last year at this time, Nebraska was 12-3, before getting obliterated in the Big 12 season. Last year, they had a five game and a seven game losing streak in conference play, finishing the season below .500 at 15-18.

This year, with a new conference on the horizon, Nebraska needs to perform better down the stretch. The only two loses they have this year were at the start of the season, back to back, since then they have built an eleven game winning streak, something they didn't manage to do in previous years.

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Overall, I think it is probably safe to say that the Nebraska Cornhusker basketball program is getting better, at least it looks that way this year. Nebraska is bound to only achieve new heights to a struggling program in a new conference. With the Big Ten, I feel they can recruit better. With the Big Ten achieving one of the best conference networks a.k.a The Big Ten Network, Nebraska basketball will hopefully be seen, like it hasn't before.

This year Nebraska doesn't have many, if any, shocking wins, but it doesn't matter, at least they are winning. They will be tested in the Big 12 against some great ranked teams. It will be interesting to see how they perform. Hopefully better than last year.

It would be wonderful for this program to make the NCAA Tournament this year. That would be a great way to close one book and open another. There is excitement in the air in Nebraska. A new conference, a better basketball team and more opportunities are what I hope to see when Nebraska joins the powerhouse.