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BT Powerhouse Top 25: Week 10

Analysis after the jump

Big Ten Ranked Teams:

#2 Ohio State (16-0) : Ohio State doesn't move this week. They remain #2 in both of the real polls. They have remained undefeated and remained at their number two spot. They will be tested more as we go throughout the Big Ten. But for right now, they are sitting pretty.

#8 Purdue (15-1) : Purdue is #8 in both the coaches poll the AP poll. I think that is about right, for now. Purdue has two tough games this week and if they win those.. they might deserve to be higher. Those games are at Minnesota and at West Virginia.

#11 Illinois (13-3) : Illinois has erupted in offense since their Missouri loss. If they continue on this path. They might not be able to be stopped by many teams in the Big Ten. They are currently #16 in both of the real polls. That is a little underrated to me, for how the Illini are playing right now.

#16 Wisconsin (12-3) : Wisconsin continues to improve and vaults back into both of the actual polls this week. Since them I have move them up because of how they are continuing to play and prove themselves.

#24 Michigan St (10-5) : Michigan State continues to struggle, with a loss to Penn State they have plummeted out of the AP poll and remain 24 in the Coaches poll. Michigan State is falling fast. They play Wisconsin tonight at home as they hope to get things turned around.

#25 Minnesota (12-4) : Minnesota showed what it can do against Ohio State, only losing by three. Even with that loss they remain at #25 in my poll. If they lose Mbakwe too... then I see there season as over. But for now, this is where they sit. Beat Purdue, and prove me wrong.. but you are going to lose to many key players if Mbakwe is done as well.

If you have any questions about why I put the non-Big Ten teams where I put them in the BT Powerhouse Top 25, feel free to leave your questions in the comments.