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Purdue blows doors off Crisler Arena

Purdue Basketball. What do you think of when you hear those words? I think of a team that knows how to deal with adversity, a team that struggles but learns from it, a team that has turned into a major Big Ten threat even without Robbie Hummel. They went into Crisler Arena and treated it like it was their floor, like it was their house. That is something that will be valued in the Big Ten. If you can go into a opposing team's arena and make it yours, you have something going for you. 

Purdue had a slump for a moment at the end of the first half, but it was really just a hiccup in the game. Purdue has the pieces to win the Big Ten when they play like this. Michigan is no slouch, they were getting kicked and thrown around like they were nothing at the beginning of the game. It was 19 to 3 at one point. I think there is no offensive flow for Michigan without Morris. They didn't start him for breaking some team rules, when they put him in, Michigan starting hitting everything. 

That is what makes this win so much more impressive by Purdue. They won with defense, they got defensive stops and turned it into points. I don't see any negatives in this game for Purdue. Ryne Smith was awesome tonight, scoring a career high. That's what Purdue needs, someone to step up every night. Last game it was D.J Byrd, now it's Ryne Smith. Props to him. JaJuan Johnson had 22 points and E'Twaun Moore had 21 points. Highest scoring duo in the country.  

Michigan just couldn't get it done. They are an up and coming program. They wanted this game bad, and Purdue wanted it more. Purdue was out to prove they are here and they are a serious threat. They did just that. 

Ohio State be careful, Purdue looks to be a threat to you. This makes everything in the Big Ten more exciting. It should be one of the best Big Ten races in Big Ten history. What a great way to close out the 11-team Big Ten era!