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Big Ten Today: 12/28/2010

The Big Ten season gets underway today for Purdue, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. It's 11-2 at 10-2 day! The away teams are 11-1, while the home teams are 10-2. Feel free to comment during the games!


#13 Minnesota at #24 Wisconsin: (7:00pm ET ESPN2) --- Wisconsin is at home, it isn't the easiest thing to beat them at home. Wisconsin is favored in this game and I think I have to agree. I think Wisconsin figures it out and wins, but not without a dog fight. Wisconsin has lost three straight to Minnesota. They look to snap that streak today along with Minnesota's five game win streak. It is a match-up of ranked Big Ten teams. The first match-up in the Big Ten consisting of two top 25-ranked teams. It's probably in your best interest not to start out in the hole, 0-1, in a tough Big Ten this year if you want to have any chance of winning it. I think the team that wins the Big Ten has to come out with a bang. Anyway you look at it, this is an important game, for the NCAA Tourney resume and for starting out ahead in the Big Ten race. Best of luck to both teams.


#11 Purdue at Michigan: (1:00pm ET Big Ten Network) --- Every game in the Big Ten is going to be tough. This one is no exception. Michigan is 10-2 and in business. They are looking to prove that everyone underestimated them this year. Purdue is looking to prove they can get it done without Hummel on the road. Either way, someone will prove something to us in this game. D.J Byrd is coming off a career high 15 points, we will see if he can at least get to 10 today. If he can, the Boilers might get a scorer that is desperately needed right now, with third scorer John Hart out. Michigan has won seven straight, while the Boilers have won six straight. I'm calling this the "prove it" game. Both teams can prove they are alive and ready for the Big Ten. According to ESPN simulation, it's a four point spread. It might be that close, or it might not. We'll see if Purdue comes firing out the gate. Purdue always seems to come out slumping, they definitely need to prove us different today.