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Big Ten Today: 12/27/2010

BT Powerhouse is back, as is the Big Ten. I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday. The Big Ten returns to action today with two games on the schedule. The Big Ten season gets underway today with a Penn State/Indiana match-up. Ohio State will finish out their non-conference schedule with a match-up against Tennessee-Martin. Feel free to comment during the games!

Tenn-Martin at #2 Ohio State: (8:30pm ET Big Ten Network) --- This should be a laughable game. According to ESPN's simulation of the game.. Tenn-Martin has a 0% chance of a victory, giving OSU a 100% chance of victory. That is almost hysterical to give a team a 0% chance to win. There has to be some chance of a win even if it's a .000000000000001% of winning. Something could happen, eight players could go out with injuries or a team's coach, starting players and part of the bench could get in a mob fight, all being ejected. You never know. It's basketball. Anyways, I'm not expecting anything listed above to happen. No fights and hopefully no injuries. This is Ohio State's best start under Matta. Tenn-Martin is not going to win this game none the less. Not much of a preview, should be boring if Ohio State comes out rolling, like they usually do.


Penn State at Indiana: (6:30pm ET Big Ten Network) --- Penn State and Indiana are the first teams to open Big Ten play. This will be a battle of teams that have struggled in the last few years, to say the least. Both teams look to open Big Ten play with a bang. This is a good Big Ten opener for both of these teams. It will ease them into a tough Big Ten schedule. I think Indiana should win this game, and get back on track after dropping two straight to UNI and Colorado. Indiana should bounce back at home. Penn State and Battle will challenge IU though, no doubt about that.