An Essential Restaurant for Every Big Ten School


A quick guide to some of the best places to chow down around the conference.

So Your Team Drafted Iowa's Roy Devyn Marble?


What type of impact will Devyn Marble make in the NBA?

Your guide the the NBA Draft, B1G prospects & more


Several Big Ten prospects headline a deep class as the NBA Draft tips off Thursday night.

Marble's best moment at Iowa


Roy Devyn Marble dropped six 3-pointers in one half against Michigan -- his best moment as a Hawkeye.

Top 5 Landing Spots for Roy Devyn Marble


Roy Devyn Marble may be the last B1G prospect to come off the board during the NBA Draft Thursday. What are the top five landing spots for the Iowa star?

Marble aims to gain NBA teams' attention


Iowa guard Devyn Marble will have worked out with at least 10 teams prior to the June 26 NBA Draft.

Predicting the Top 5 Most Improved B1G Players


Who will be making the leap in the 2014-15 season? BTPowerhouse's Christopher Novak makes an honest attempt at guessing.

Iowa likely to rely on depth again in 2014-15


Will Fran McCaffery's Hawkeyes secure a second consecutive NCAA Tournament bid this year?

Can Hawkeyes Build Off NCAA Appearance In 2014-15?


Iowa's 2012-2013 season was a success that saw the Hawkeyes return to the Big Dance. Can Iowa build off its success next year?


Discussing a few points from a recent I-Club chat by Fran McCaffery.

Devyn Marble Scouting Report (for those who want something more substantial)


I just realized that he'd be a perfect fit for the Bulls in the 2nd round. He can handle the ball decently, shoot decently, create for others decently, defend decently. An all-around PG/SG backup. As a 2nd rounder. Will probably never be great, but in my mind, he's smart enough and works hard enough and has shown consistent improvement enough that he MIGHT be a legitimate starter 5 years down the road for a solid 4-6 years. With that said, Marble is one of the younger seniors in this draft, not turning 22 until September, and there is a very high demand for players who can shoot both from a standstill and coming off of a screen, use their length defensively, and make sound decisions with the ball.



Zach McCabe throws a punch and then blows a kiss in a downtown Iowa City bar Thursday night, and the former Iowa forward's Twitter problems might have come to a head.

Season Recap: Iowa's 2013-2014 Roller Coaster Ride


Marble deserves praise for breaking eight season tournament absence

Top 3 Games For 2013-2014 Iowa Basketball


Despite some late season struggles, Iowa had its best season in years and made the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2006. What were the best games on the trip?

Iowa Hawkeyes in the NBA


There is only one Hawkeye currently in the NBA, but the ghost of Ricky Davis still haunts the league. I'm pretty sure that's a good thing.

Draft Breakdown: Melsahn Basabe

The athletic forward's decline since his freshman season make his draft prospects murky.

Zach McCabe's senior season was a tough one.


McCabe's senior season was not his best, but he did have his moments.

Wednesday Recap: Iowa, Illinois, and PSU TipOff


The Big Ten went 2-1 on Wednesday, but dropped the biggest game of the night.

Iowa Drops To Tennessee


Iowa's season comes to a crashing halt after a 78-65 loss to Tennessee.

Iowa leads Tennessee at the half at First Four


The Iowa Hawkeyes looked like their old selves, but a huge run at the end of the 1st Half gave way to the Tennessee Volunteers closing in.

Iowa takes on Tennessee to see who faces UMass


Iowa and Tennessee meet up with a battle of star shooting guards.

Iowa's NCAA Tournament History


Iowa has received a tournament berth for the first time since 2006, and Fran McCaffery is moving the program in the right direction.

Spartans Lead Big Ten NCAA Tournament Odds


New NCAA title odds are out and a few Big Ten teams have been given pretty good odds.

B1G Gets 6 Bids - Chances & Conference Comparison


The Big Ten had a big Selection Sunday once again.

Iowa's Season Recap


Iowa had a great start to the season, but has recently struggled. Something needs to change before the Big Dance.

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