Big Ten Bracketology: the Finish Line


It's finally Selection Sunday, how many Big Ten teams will be dancing?

Blind Resume Quick Hitters


Which teams would you put in the NCAA Tournament?

Big Ten Bracketology: On To Indianapolis


With the regular season the Big Ten has two teams left on the bubble, with Minnesota and Nebraska hoping to play their way into the tournament.

Three Bubble Teams Remain


As we enter the last week of the regular season, the Big Ten has three teams remaining on the bubble as the conference looks to send more than five teams to the NCAA Tournament.

Nebraska's Late Push for the NCAA Tournament


Wisconsin stands in the way of Nebraska's first NCAA Tournament appearance since 1998.

Big Ten Bracketology: Nebraska Rising


As Minnesota fades from NCAA relevancy, Nebraska is trying to play their way into the NCAA Tournament.

Big Ten Bracketology: Down Goes Indiana


It now looks like only six Big Ten teams remain in the running for a NCAA Tourney bid after Indiana's disastrous week.

BTP Roundtable: Bracketology Edition


The BTP staffers diagnose the Big Ten's outlook for the NCAA tournament with some early bracketology.

Five Bid League?


It's looking like the Big Ten may only get five teams into the big dance if things continue as is this season.

Big Ten Bracketology: Hoosiers Save Season


The Hoosiers managed to save their season with their upset of the Wolverines while the Gophers suffered a crushing loss, putting their tourney odds up in the air.

Michigan On Top, Illinois Free Falling


Michigan is on top of the world while Illinois continues it's free fall as their NCAA Tournament odds have more or less disappeared completely.

Big Ten Bracketology: Wolverines Getting It Done


The Wolverines are finally getting it together while Indiana followed up their best win of the season with their worst loss, losing at home against Northwestern.

Big Ten Bracketology: Iowa Looking Strong


We take our first look at the Big Ten and how it's teams are faring when it comes to the postseason.

Gophers Eying NCAA Tourney Bid


Heading into one of the toughest stretches of games in Division I basketball this season, Minnesota needs to continue to improve to make the NCAA Tournament

Questions Arise for Several Big Ten Teams


As the non-conference season wears on, several Big Ten teams are making their tournament odds considerably more difficult.

For Three Big Ten Teams, The Big Ten Tournament Is About Their Seed On Selection Sunday


Ohio State's seed is pretty much set with really no room for improvement. Meanwhile, Wisconsin could be anywhere from a 2-5. Also, Purdue has an interesting case building.

Big 10 Bubble Watch (3/4): Beware the Bid-Stealers


As the Big Ten season comes to an close this weekend, the NCAA Tournament picture in the conference seems relatively clear: Locks: Ohio State, Purdue, Wisconsin Bubble: Illinois, Michigan, Michigan...

Bracketology: 60 Percent of the Time It Works, Every Time


One week remaining until the end of the regular season. Here's the latest Bracketology.

Bracketology: Penn State Back On Bubble


ESPN's Bracketology is new and with it Penn State regains its bubble position. Penn State will make their push for the NCAA Tournament as they face Wisconsin, Ohio State and Minnesota yet. Win...

Bracketology: Michigan State and Penn State Get Thrown Out


Since we just did a ESPN Bracketology extensive breakdown for Friday's bracket and with all seeds remaining the same for the Big Ten teams in the new bracket that came out Monday, which you can...

Bracketology: Penn State Enters Field As 12 Seed


ESPN's Bracketology is new and with it, Penn State has been introduced to the field. Michigan State, Illinois and Minnesota saw their seeds slip. Purdue and Wisconsin's seeds rose, while Ohio...

Bracketology: Big Ten Sees Seeds Slip


The new ESPN Bracketology is in! Some Big Ten schools are seeing their seeds slip. Other Big Ten schools are holding steady with their seeding. It will be important come March for the Big Ten to...

Bracketology: Penn State Officially On The Bubble


ESPN's Joe Lunardi's Bracketology for this week is out. Six Big Ten teams still remain in the field, all of them have a six seed or higher. Overall, that is great for the conference, the higher the...

Bracketology: Big Ten Loses Bubble Teams


ESPN's Joe Lunardi's new Bracketology bracket is out, with that, we are going to take a look at the Big Ten teams that made the tournament and the Big Ten teams that are on the bubble. I will be...

Bracketology: Big Ten With Six Teams In


ESPN's Joe Lunardi's new bracket came out yesterday, with that, we are going to take a look at the Big Ten teams that made the tournament and the Big Ten teams that are on the bubble. I will be...

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