2014 NBA Draft Breakdown: Glenn Robinson III - Potential Lottery Pick

Andy Lyons

Glenn Robinson III has a tough decision ahead of him. Will the sophomore return to Michigan, or bolt to the NBA with consistency issues?

Glenn Robinson III: Draft Profile/NBA Breakdown

NBA Position: Small Forward (3)

College: Michigan

Class: Sophomore

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 220

Hometown: Gary, Indiana

High School: Lake Central (Indiana)

Glenn Robinson III might be the hardest prospect to peg in the entire draft. One possession, he looks like he could honestly be a top-five pick and the next time down the court Michigan might as well being short-handed. Below, BTP will breakdown GR3's strengths and weaknesses and give a prediction on what the UM sophomore might do this offseason.

Strengths: One word: athleticism. It's no secret that Glenn Robinson has the physical ability to take over any game at any time. He showed that on several instances against the Purdue Boilermakers and the Indiana Hoosiers, just to name a few. In the first half of Michigan's Elite Eight game vs. Kentucky, to the casual basketball fan, you would've thought the Robinson was the no-doubt lottery pick over Julius Randle. Robinson's mid-range jumper has come a long way in his two years at Michigan, specifically improving in the latter half of this season. Robinson also rebounds really well for his size. His athleticism helps out a lot in this, of course. But playing as far away from the basket as he does and still averaging around five boards per game in the last two years isn't anything to sneeze at.

Weaknesses: Robinson has shown he can do anything he wants to when he puts his mind to it. That's the key word: "mind." Ask anyone and Robinson's glaring weakness is his inconsistency; it's all mental to me. When Robinson says to himself, "Okay, I need to score for my team," more often than not, we see him do just that. One thing that has actually gotten worse in his stint at Michigan, is his long-range jumper. His percentage hasn't dropped too much, but Glenn can be remembered on multiple occasions for missing some wide open and down-right important shots from deep. Improving his three point shot would help his stock immensely.

Overall: If Robinson leaves, he'll be anywhere from a late lottery pick to a early second rounder. Inconsistency scares many scouts in today's NBA, and Robinson is the definition of that. If Robinson stays, he could come back with BTPOY Nik Stauskas and Mitch Mcgary and make another run into March with their fellow Wolverines. All the while becoming more aggressive and raising his draft stock in a not-so-deep draft next year. I think Stauskas and Robinson are actually a package deal, and while I have no source on this, I really think they decide to stay. I could see Robinson's father helping his son make the smart decision to return to school for his junior year.

NBA Comparison: Two names come to mind, while loose comparisons. A more athletic Jimmy Butler, and a better scoring Andrea Iguodala.

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