Power Rankings: Vol. 6

1. Michigan State - 1.0 (no change)

A dominating second half performance at Mackey Arena and a convincing home win over the Badgers keep MSU a unanimous number one.

2. (tie) Ohio State - 2.5 (no change)

Ohio State hasn't been looking like the world-beaters some of us thought they were. They are still pretty good, but they seem to be having a hard time scoring lately against good defenses.

2. (tie) Michigan - 2.5 (up two)

The Wolverines move up from fourth with their win over the Buckeyes. If Michigan State slips up and UM keeps winning, they have a shot at a piece of the conference championship.

4. Wisconsin - 4.0 (down one)

The Badgers haven't lost to a team that is presently below them in the standings since New Year's Eve.

5. Indiana - 5.0 (no change)

Indiana's lopsided loss at Iowa doesn't hurt them too much. IU had won three in a row previously, so fifth is where they stay.

6. Purdue - 6.3 (no change)

Purdue beat Illinois (which hasn't been too hard lately) and played one good half against Michigan State. The loss of Kelsey Barlow won't help things going forward.

7. Iowa - 7.0 (up three)

Iowa finally jumps Minnesota (a team they beat twice) after their big win on Sunday over Indiana. Let's not dwell too much on their midweek loss at Penn State.

8. Northwestern - 7.7 (down one)

Northwestern's split their games this week. The loss in Bloomington was not a surprise, but the home win over the Gophers helps out their tourney chances.

9. Minnesota - 9.0 (no change)

While not quite on the level of Illinois, the Gophers have been on a bit of a slide as well. The Gophers have lost five of their last seven.

10. Nebraska - 10.7 (up two)

The blowout win over the grease fire that used to be the University of Illinois Basketball Team was enough to move the Huskers up a couple of places.

11. Illinois - 11.0 (down four)

The Illini managed to stay out of last place for at least another week. Have they hit rock bottom yet?

12. Penn State - 11.3 (down one)

The Nittany Lions have won two out of three, but have yet to gain the respect of the Power Ranking Voters. That doesn't quite seem fair, but PSU still has the worst record in the conference.

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